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Sunday Brunch Menu

Two course menu 3-5pm Sundays €15.95

Chicken pakora; Strips of tender chicken,dipped in gram flour,spices and shallow fried*10,11
Onion bhaji; Slices of onion with spices,gram flour ,deep fried*10,11
Kabuli kebab; Lamb mince roll mixed with spices and cashew nut*8,10,11
Andhra chilli chicken; Boneless pieces of chicken marinated with spices and yoghurt*10,11

Aloo gosht; A perfect combination of potatoes and lamb
Dhaniya murgh; Chicken breast cooked with a coriander flavour gravy
Jhinga garlic chilli masala; Prawns cooked in a red pepper,garlic chilli masala paste*2
Meen manga charu; Tilapia fish in a mango flavoured sauce*3,10
Pindi chana; Chickpeas cooked with onions, tomatoes ginger garlic and spices
Kadhai paneer; Indian cottage cheese in a chopped onion,pepper and green chilli sauce*7
Biryani; This is a combination of curried and aromatic rice infused with whole spices .Choice of chicken,Lamb or Vegetable.

(Mains served with basmati rice or plain naan*1,4,7)
*Allergen Content:Gluten1, Crustaceans2, Fish3, Egg4, Peanuts5, Soya Beans6, Milk7, Nuts8, Celery9, Mustard10, Sesame Seed11, Sulphur Dioxide12, Lupin13, Molluscs14,

Please advise staff of any allergy or dietary requirement*

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