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Shuruaat... to begin with

  • Bharrwan Aloo

    • V €8.50

    Potato barrels stued with paneer, raisins, cashew nut and pomegranate seeds, gilded golden over golden embers *7,8,10,11

  • Samosa Chaat

    • V €8.50

    Light pastry parcels lled with cumin and coriander avoured potato and peas served with tamarind chutney *1,7,10,11

  • Aloo Mutter ki Tikki

    • V €8.50

    Crispy patty of potatoes tempered with cumin seeds,green peas and chillies served with tamarind chutney and sweet yoghurt *7,10,11

  • Palak Aur Kaju ke Kabab

    • V €€8.50

    Mild spinach patty lled with nuts and shallow fried *7,8,10,11

  • Dahi ka Puchka *10,11

    • €8.50

    Crispy and puffed chickpea basket stuffed with the spicy onion masala, tangy chutneys and fresh yogurt *7,10,11

  • Murgh Tikka

    • €8.95

    Boneless pieces of chicken marinated with tandoori masala yoghurt and grilled in tandoor. *7,10,11

  • Achari Duck Tikka

    • €11.95

    Duck breast marinated with pickling spice served with sliced green apple. *10,11

  • Punch Phoran Mahi Tikka

    • €9.95

    Tilapia sh marinated with combination of pounded mustard, fennel, cumin, fenugreek and onions seed, cooked in tandoori oven *3,7,10,11

  • Gosht Gilafi Seekh

    • €9.95

    Tender rolls of minced lamb, spices, cashew nuts, blended with pepper’s & grilled in clay oven *7,8,10

  • Patthar Kebab

    • €9.50

    Boneless pieces of leg of lamb attened and marinated in a melange of spices, shallow fried  *7,10,11

  • Aam ke Prawn

    • €11.95

    King prawn marinated in homemade mango sauce and chargrilled in the tandoor. *2,7,10,11

  • Kolhapuri Prawn

    • €11.95

    Prawn marinated with kolhapuri spice served with Kolhapuri chutney *2,7,10,11

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