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Shuruaat... to begin with

Tokri Chaat

V €10.95

Potato cubes and chickpeas mixed with tamarind, mint and tomato sesame sauce and serve on crispy potato basket *1,7,11

Matar Potli Samosa

V €10.95

Light homemade pastry filled with cumin,green peas, coriander, green chilli flavoured potato served with tamarind chutney *1,7,10,11

Aloo Mutter ki Tikki

V €10.95

Crispy patty of potatoes tempered with cumin seeds,green peas and chillies served with tamarind chutney and sweet yoghurt *7,10,11

Makki and Kaju Ke kebab

V €10.95

Mild corn patties filled with nuts and shallow fried *1,7,8,10,11

Dahi ka Puchka


Crispy and puffed chickpea basket stuffed with the spicy onion masala, tangy chutneys and fresh yogurt *1,7,10,11

Veda Chaat


A trio of chaat infused with dates, tamarind, roasted chickpeas finished with yogurt and mint chutney *1,7,10,11

Teekha Murgh Tikka


Marinated spicy chicken cubes grilled in tandoor served with lightly spiced creamy sauce *7,10,11

Achari Duck Tikka


Duck breast marinated with pickling spice served with sliced green apple. *10,11

Seekh kebab


Lamb mince blended with fresh coriander ginger roots, garlic and subtle spices, skewered and grilled in tandoor *7,10,11

Amritsari Fish


fresh water fish marinated with aromatic spices grilled in clay oven *3,4,14

Patthar Kebab


Boneless pieces of leg of lamb attened and marinated in a melange of spices, shallow fried  *7,10,11

Aam ke Prawn


King prawn marinated in homemade mango sauce and chargrilled in the tandoor. *2,7,10,11

Kolhapuri Prawn


Prawn marinated with kolhapuri spice served with Kolhapuri chutney *2,7,10,11

Crispy Warm Eggplant Salad


Cubes of crispy eggplant with spicy tangy sauce infused with white sesame seed served in poppadums basket 1,11

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