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2 courses €25.95 / 3 courses €29.95

Dahi ka Puchka
Crispy and pued chickpea basket stued with spicy onion masala, tangy chutneys & fresh yoghurt  1,7,10,11
Aloo Mutter ki Tikki
Crispy patty of potato tempered with cumin seeds, green peas & chilli served with tamarind chutney & fresh yoghurt  1,7,10,11
Murgh Tikka
Boneless pieces of chicken marinated with tandoori masala, yoghurt and grilled in tandoor  7,10,11
Seekh kebab
Lamb mince blended with fresh coriander ginger roots, garlic and subtle spices, skewered and grilled in tandoor  7,10,11

Mains served with steamed basmati or plain naan 1
Methi Murgh
Tender cubes of chicken combined with fresh fenugreek leaves, chopped onion, pepper sauce finished with a touch of cream 7
Bhuna Aloo Gosht
A perfect combination of lamb, chopped onion sauce & potato 1
Shorshey Maach
Bangali style mustard avoured tilapia sh curry - a specialty from Eastern Kolkata 3,7,10,11
Teen Mirch ka Paneer
Homemade cottage cheese, melange of three peppers, hung yoghurt  7,8
Mango Prawn Chilli
King prawn simmered in mango chilli & mustard sauce  2,7,10

Biryani 7
A combination of curried & aromatic rice infused with whole spices cooked separately & steamed together, flavoured with saffron, mint & fried onion cooked with your chosen meat/veg accompanied with curry sauce
Chicken, Lamb or Vegetable


Aloo Gobhi €7.50
Cauliower orets & potato cooked in a chopped onion and tomato ginger garlic paste 7
Chana Masala €7.50
Chickpeas cooked with onion, tomato, ginger & garlic nished with red onion & fresh coriander
Dal Tadka €7.50
Yellow lentils tempered with whole red chilli & cumin seeds
Saag Aloo or Saag Paneer €7.50/€7.95
Spinach & potato or spinach & homemade cottage cheese 7
Achari Baingan €7.50
Aubergine cooked with Indian pickle Spices

Mithai Ghar Se.. Sweet Selection
Gulab Jamun €6.95
Deep fried dumplings in a sugar syrup served with vanilla ice cream 1,7,8
Eton Mess €6.95
Crushed Meringue mix with mix berry compote, strawberry & fresh cream 4,7,8
Brownie €6.95
Slice of chocolate brownie served with vanilla ice cream 4,7,8,
Ice Cream €6.95
Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate 4,7

Hot Beverages
Tea €4.00
Regular Coffee/ Espresso €4.00
Latte / Cappuccino  €4.00 7
Indian Masala Tea  €4.00 Made with traditional Indian Chai masala 7

Refreshing Beverages
Mango Lassy  €6.95  Made with mango and yoghurt  7,8
Salti Lassy €6.95  Made with roasted cumin, mint & yoghurt  7

Allergen Information

1. Wheat Gluten, 2. Crustaceans, 3. Fish, 4. Egg, 5. Peanut, 6. Soy beans, 7. Milk, 8. Nuts, 9. Celery, 10. Mustard,
11. Sesame seed, 12 Sulpher Dioxide, 13. Lupin, 14. Molluscs
Please advise us of any allergy or dietary requirements you may have

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