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Bagara Bhindi

V €7.95

Pan fried okra with five seed tempering in a roast pepper sauce *7,10

Aloo Gobhi

V €7.95

Cauliflower florets and potato cooked in a chopped onion and tomato ginger garlic paste *7

Jeera Aloo

V €7.95

Potatoes tossed with cumin seed and spices *7

Channa Masala

V €7.95

Chickpeas cooked with onion, tomato, ginger and garlic finished with red onion and fresh coriander *7

Saag Aloo or Saag Paneer

€7.95 / 8.45

Spinach and potato or Spinach and indian cottage cheese cooked in ginger, onion and garlic gravy. *7

Dal Tadka

V €7.95

Yellow Lentils tempered with whole red chilli and cumin seed *7

Achari Baingan

V €7.95

Aubergine cooked with Indian pickle spices   *1,7,10


Tandoor Ki Rotiyann.. Selection of Breads

Kandhari Naan


Naan with a sweet stuffing of coconut, almond and raisin *1,4,7,8

Lasooni Naan


Garlic infused naan *1,4

Lachha Paratha


A multi layered wholewheat bread baked in tandoor *1,7

Paneer Kulcha


Naan stuffed with Indian style cottage cheese *1,4,7

Keema Naan


Naan stuffed with minced lamb  *1,4

Tandoori Roti


Whole wheat flat bread  *1

Roti Ke Tokri


A selection of four types of bread for two *1,4,7

Garlic Coriander Naan


Naan infused with fresh coriander and garlic *1,4,7

Plain Naan


Traditional bread cooked in tandoor  *1,4,7

Chilli Cheese Naan


Naan infused with cheese and chilli  *1,4,7

Aloo Ka Paratha


Stuffed with a delicious spiced potato mixture *1,7

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